There are two options of how to link a meter with data source; either manually one by one, or automatically - using the meter match function (if there are multiple meters to be mapped).

1) To manually map/ link a meter to a data source, first click onto the required meter. Then select the blue tab to the right of the screen labelled 'Attach Data Source'. 

Next, select the corresponding data source, ensuring that the correct ID is selected. After selecting the data source, 'Meter ID' should be clicked, followed by 'Attach Source'. Available data should now be visible under the 'logs' tab.

2) To automatically map data within a data source to the relevant meters, the meters must be labelled with the same ID as the AMR ID received by the data source.

This can be completed by selecting the necessary data source in Admin> Data. 

To begin linking meters, 'Match Meters' should be selected, followed by 'Run match'.

The users preference of how meters are matched should then be selected (Device ID, Register ID or both), once the meters and the match preference has been selected, the meters can be attached.