Reports that are setup with a variable time period can be sent automatically to users by email. 

To configure the schedule for an existing report, users can go to Analytics > Reports > Select the report > Schedule tab. All of the components of automating report sending are housed in the schedule tab.

The user can select the recipients of the reports by choosing 'Select Recipients', which will take the user to a new page to choose the recipients (from a full list of users with access to the platform). Here the option to send a excel file with the email can be turned on (as an alternative to the Google Sheet export that is also available). There is also the option alongside 'Select Recipients' to send an example email to a user as a test.

Under Report Period, a user can edit the variable time period the report will display. This can be a number of days/weeks/months/years. Users can also set the time period to be 'Rolling' as opposed to 'Calendar' based. A rolling week time period, for example, would refer to the most 7 days rather than being fixed as Monday - Sunday.

To configure the schedule, the user should select 'Add Rule', this will open a pop-up window where the user can select the recurrence of the report, arrival date and time and the start date for the schedule. The arrival date offers the flexibility to send a report on a fixed day of each week/month/year, for example the 15th day or the 2nd Wednesday etc. 

This window also allows the users to set a custom report period that is different from the one set previously as well as listing the next three iterations of the report based on the rule created. 

When complete, save the rule and you will then see a full list of future reports to be sent. Further rules can be added to send a report multiple times per day and rules can be deleted by selecting the 'x' button. A history of sent reports can be found in the Past Events tab.