Groups can be used to either openly or privately share data. This functionality has multiple benefits - for instance as a platform user, you can discover groups which have been made openly available. This allows users to access the data which has been made available through this group. Data can be displayed within the analytics module (under community groups in the navigator), in addition to allowing the user to benchmark against data within the group.

It is also possible for a user to create their own private customised group. After specifying what the group is, the administrator can invite other Fabriq users, enabling the user to be able to access data within the group (for benchmarking purposes), in addition to giving consent to share their own data. This is particularly beneficial for users who have a master account. It is then possible these administrators to create a group comprising of their client's data.  

This would be achieved through firstly creating the group.

Other Fabriq users can then be invited to the group by clicking on the 'Invite' button, where either username or email address can then be used to find the intended recipient. The recipient will then get an email asking if they wish to join the group.

Groups can then be used as a baseline benchmark within the Analytics> Benchmarking module.