Users with access to 'Analytics' and reporting tools can also schedule the source data of any report to be exported into Google Sheets on a regular basis. The outputted data can be used as source data for third-party tools or for other purposes. 

To schedule a regular export, navigate to any report and click 'Edit':

Under the field 'Export spreadsheet link', enter the link of a shared Google Sheets document where data would be exported into (NOTE: link to Google Sheet  document can be obtained by using  'Share' function within Google Sheets. Please ensure that any one with link can edit the sheet, otherwise, Fabriq OS would not be able to export data to the document). 

Within the same section, set how frequently data should be exported on an automated basis. Click 'Save Changes' when finished.

Next, set the date and time at which data are expected to be outputted to the Google Sheets document via 'Schedule':

After changes are saved, based on the settings inputted, note the 'Next Run' date, which is when data from the report are expected to be exported into the Google Sheets document next. Note also that a link to the Google Sheets document can be accessed as well, and that data can also be exported into the specified Google Sheet document at any time by clicking on the 'Export to Google Sheet' button:

Data of all sections of the report are exported. A summary of data successfully exported after clicking on the 'Export to Google Sheet' button can be seen below: