We have recently made some powerful changes to the Fabriq summary page. When scrolling down through the summary page, you will now notice a modified floating ribbon which remains at the top of the screen. This new feature enables users to simply check and modify the time frame that the data on the summary page is in reference to.

The new summary ribbon also allows for increased customisation of the time period over which data is shown, where changes made to the ribbon are applied throughout the entire page.

Customisable features on the ribbon are as follows: firstly, the user has the option to select whether data shown are absolute readings or normalised by floor area. Next, the user now has the option to select whether data shown should be from the current or previous time frame selected. Possible time frame selections include: year; quarter; month; week or all.

If there is any uncertainty over the time period selected, this can be clarified by hovering over the ‘period’ question mark, which will enable the exact reference time frame to be displayed.

 Additionally, there is the new option to select a comparison period. This will affect the dials shown in the performance tab and the graph shown in trends. By selecting preceding, this will be in reference to the time period selected (e.g. will show the preceding month), whilst ‘Prev Yr’ displays a comparison of the selected time frame from the same time the previous year e.g. if a monthly period was selected and you were in March, then data from the previous year’s March will be displayed. This comparison can then be visualised in the trends graph by selecting the compare toggle.

Finally, the basic/ pro toggle can be used to display benchmarking information. This will show a site’s ranking (relating to consumption), in comparison to other sites within the portfolio.