Once you have created a project you will need to starting entering the details for the three stages of the project: Identification, Qualification, Completion.

Identification requires the user to select the meter the project applies to, the project type and estimated costs/savings amongst other information. Select 'Save Changes' to save your progress to return to later or select 'Save and Qualify project' to move to the next stage.

 Qualification allows the user to select explanatory variables as well as the impact and baseline period to facilitate the project M&V feature.

When you are happy with your analysis, click 'Save' and then select 'Save changes'. You can then select 'Complete project' at the top of the page to enter the final details of the project once known, this includes any supplier used, the date of completion and the final cost. 

You then see the full project summary, download as a PDF or edit the project to update any details or access the M&V validation.