There are two options when it comes to uploading high frequency historical data to Fabriq-OS.

1. The best option if uploading to a single meter is to upload a CSV file to the specific meter. To do this - firstly select the meter which the data is to be added to. *Note that the meter must match the data type which you are trying to upload e.g. relative, high frequency or absolute.  To upload the file, select the 'Import form CSV' tab and import your chosen file.

2. This is more suitable when uploading high frequency data for multiple meters. To do this, meters must be predefined within the platform. Data can then be imported by selecting the data source which the meters are linked (Select: Admin> Data). The necessary file can then be uploaded within the 'Historical Data Import' section. Following this upload, meters will need to be matched to their corresponding data streams (see page on linking meters to data or attach manually).

*Please contact before using this method for the first time so that the support team can enable the data source to accept the specific data format*