The benchmark module is used to allow users to compare singular or multiple sites to a specific benchmark - allowing a comparison of consumption to a wide range of sites with the same use purpose.

Firstly, sites which are to be benchmarked should be selected from the navigator, following this the 'benchmark type' is to be chosen (examples of benchmark types are shown below). Note that in order to benchmark against a 'user group', a group of specific sites must be setup.

There are then three types of benchmark visualisation to choose from:

1) Classic benchmark: This will show the selected site's actual consumption, compared to what is typical (average consumption) and good practice (lowest consumption) for that specific benchmark. The summary performance table is then used to quantify a sites performance.

2) League table: This option enables users to be able rank multiple properties against each other within their portfolio - with multiple options of how sites are ordered (e.g. lowest to highest consumption). Additionally, insights are gained on how the site compares against the the selected benchmark.

3) Group Benchmarking: Group benchmark shows site’s consumption compared to other sites within a specified group. It always compares sites of the same type (“site purpose”).

Best results are produced for 'group benchmark' when there are multiple sites of same type.