When setting up white label accounts, it is important to understand the structure of the accounts. The main account is called the 'master' account. This is where the system administrators are able to add white-label accounts, in addition to viewing clients data which is individually rolled up. The master account differs from client accounts, as client accounts to not have the ability to add new accounts and can only see their own data.

This support document outlines the necessary steps to on-boarding a client.

1) The first step is creating a white labelled client account that is directly linked to the master account. 

2) Import sites, meters and historical data - this is most easily achieved by populating and importing the bulk upload template

3) Invite users to the newly created account. 

4) Enable the master account to be able access client data by creating a community group.

5) After the Fabriq technical team have setup the data sources, map meters to the relevant data sources.

6) It is then possible to set data quality alerts and consumption alerts to notify the necessary recipients if a data stream fails to arrive or consumption is outside of its expected range.